Welcome to our blog!


In this blog we are looking to inspire our clientele with what’s cool, trendy and in style for the season. We will review products and encourage our audience to try new beauty essentials for their hair and skin. We will also present and hopefully aspire you to try new trending and easy looks at home from hair to makeup with short tutorial videos.

Safar Coiffure started as one of the first beauty salons on Newbury Street in 1970’s. With over four decades of experience we take pride in ongoing leadership in the beauty industry. Today Salon Acote remains a European beauty salon continuing to offer high-end and luxurious services to our diverse, ever-growing clientele.

Our international stylists bring a unique culture and extensive experience from all over the world. At our salon you will find a mixture of traditional and elegant with fun and edgy styles that differentiate us and makes us well known in the beauty business.

We are driven by creativity and our passion and love for the industry has led us to continuously extend and master our skills and techniques with the top leading celebrity stylist in hair and makeup.

Come in on a Friday morning to enjoy our exclusive cappuccino’s and pastries on our outdoor patio or joining us Saturday evenings for a glass of French wine and cheese we promise to create a comfortable and fun environment for our clients followed by top notch services.

We are excited to share our experience and knowledge with you and hope you will utilize our tips and tricks at home.

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