Small Business Saturday

This year Small Business Saturday is on November 26th, 2016. Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate and support small businesses, and all they do for their communities. We want to thank you for your support of our small business Salon Acote. To show our appreciation we will be giving away special gift bags on small business Saturday. Make your appointment on Saturday, November 26th at Salon Acote to receive this special offer.


To know more about what makes owning a small business so special, check out this interview with Salon Acote owner, Alex Safar.


Question 1.  What does it mean to you, to be the owner of a small business like Salon Acote?


Alex Safar: I love owning a small business. It’s important to be able to control every aspect of the business. You’re not only the person who is cutting and coloring, but you are also able to make sure everything is operating smoothly. I like being able to design the salon from  decor, to hospitality, and the overall vibe.


I like the fact that small businesses are more personal. I have known some of the staff for over 15 years. One of our staff members Vincent I have known for 25 years.  At times we feel more like family then coworkers, while at the same time maintaining a professional environment. There is something really special about that. At larger businesses there can be a feeling that people are dispensable. At Salon Acote, every staff members plays an important role.

I really value my staff.


Question 2. What are some of the challenges that you find in owning a small business?


AS: I think hiring can be a challenge. A lot of people prefer to work at a corporate or larger business. We have a smaller pool of people to select from as a small business. Also, in terms of federal regulations we are expected to comply with some of the standards of larger businesses, but we might not have the same resources as a corporate, or larger business. We really do everything in house. It’s a lot of work for one or two people, but it’s worth it.


Question 3. Do you have any advice for a new small business, or for people who are interested in starting their own business?


AS: Yeah. I think that if you are the type of person that has a passion and is willing to work very hard, there is nothing more beautiful then owning your own business. I think even though you are working really long hours, knowing it’s for yourself, your family, and the people that work for you is very special. There is also something really special about being in control of your own destiny. It makes all the time and dedication worth it.


Question 4. What are the best things about owning a small business, like Salon Acote?


AS: I think the best thing are the clients and staff.

Being able to know our clients on a first name basis, knowing what they do for fun, for work, and their families is something that really couldn’t happen in a large business. It’s part of what I love about owning a small business.

To be able to work with some of the same people, for so many years, you really get to know people in a different way. I think it’s really nice to get to know people that way, in this industry (hair dressing) we feed off each other and inspire each other.

I also work with my father, so not only are we a small business, but a family business as well. My sister Allison runs our Salon in Miami (Safar Miami). My uncle and cousin work on Newbury St. as well. It’s nice to feel really comfortable with the people you work with.


Question 5. What makes Salon Acote stand out from other salons in the area?


AS: I think it’s our commitment and dedication. We have an incredible staff and clientele.

We have a wonderful manager (Danielle Marcus). She likes to make sure our customer service is top notch and plan parties and events for our clients and staff. She does a lot of the details such as flowers, music, and handpicking the wine we serve. She is also the in house wedding coordinator. This ensures a bride’s special day is planned from start to finish.

It’s really the details and passion that we bring to this industry that makes us stand out.

I’ll go in the back room and our staff will be viewing YouTube videos of new techniques and styles, trying to predict trends. I think that’s really special. I think people come to work here because they really believe in the salon. I think that shows on a day to day basis. We are all here for each other helping out. It’s not individualistic but it’s a family environment. We are all here for the same common goal to do great work and make clients feel good about themselves.







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