Small Business Saturday

This year Small Business Saturday is on November 26th, 2016. Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate and support small businesses, and all they do for their communities. We want to thank you for your support of our small business Salon Acote. To show our appreciation we will be giving away special gift bags on small business Saturday. Make your appointment on Saturday, November 26th at Salon Acote to receive this special offer.


To know more about what makes owning a small business so special, check out this interview with Salon Acote owner, Alex Safar.


Question 1.  What does it mean to you, to be the owner of a small business like Salon Acote?


Alex Safar: I love owning a small business. It’s important to be able to control every aspect of the business. You’re not only the person who is cutting and coloring, but you are also able to make sure everything is operating smoothly. I like being able to design the salon from  decor, to hospitality, and the overall vibe.


I like the fact that small businesses are more personal. I have known some of the staff for over 15 years. One of our staff members Vincent I have known for 25 years.  At times we feel more like family then coworkers, while at the same time maintaining a professional environment. There is something really special about that. At larger businesses there can be a feeling that people are dispensable. At Salon Acote, every staff members plays an important role.

I really value my staff.


Question 2. What are some of the challenges that you find in owning a small business?


AS: I think hiring can be a challenge. A lot of people prefer to work at a corporate or larger business. We have a smaller pool of people to select from as a small business. Also, in terms of federal regulations we are expected to comply with some of the standards of larger businesses, but we might not have the same resources as a corporate, or larger business. We really do everything in house. It’s a lot of work for one or two people, but it’s worth it.


Question 3. Do you have any advice for a new small business, or for people who are interested in starting their own business?


AS: Yeah. I think that if you are the type of person that has a passion and is willing to work very hard, there is nothing more beautiful then owning your own business. I think even though you are working really long hours, knowing it’s for yourself, your family, and the people that work for you is very special. There is also something really special about being in control of your own destiny. It makes all the time and dedication worth it.


Question 4. What are the best things about owning a small business, like Salon Acote?


AS: I think the best thing are the clients and staff.

Being able to know our clients on a first name basis, knowing what they do for fun, for work, and their families is something that really couldn’t happen in a large business. It’s part of what I love about owning a small business.

To be able to work with some of the same people, for so many years, you really get to know people in a different way. I think it’s really nice to get to know people that way, in this industry (hair dressing) we feed off each other and inspire each other.

I also work with my father, so not only are we a small business, but a family business as well. My sister Allison runs our Salon in Miami (Safar Miami). My uncle and cousin work on Newbury St. as well. It’s nice to feel really comfortable with the people you work with.


Question 5. What makes Salon Acote stand out from other salons in the area?


AS: I think it’s our commitment and dedication. We have an incredible staff and clientele.

We have a wonderful manager (Danielle Marcus). She likes to make sure our customer service is top notch and plan parties and events for our clients and staff. She does a lot of the details such as flowers, music, and handpicking the wine we serve. She is also the in house wedding coordinator. This ensures a bride’s special day is planned from start to finish.

It’s really the details and passion that we bring to this industry that makes us stand out.

I’ll go in the back room and our staff will be viewing YouTube videos of new techniques and styles, trying to predict trends. I think that’s really special. I think people come to work here because they really believe in the salon. I think that shows on a day to day basis. We are all here for each other helping out. It’s not individualistic but it’s a family environment. We are all here for the same common goal to do great work and make clients feel good about themselves.







Falling for Fall

We love fall because of the changes it brings.

According to Davide Marinelli a leading stylist in the industry and Oribe educator, bangs are favorable this time of year. They are a great way to innovate your look with minimal effort. Davide demonstrated the elite runway styles of bangs to Salon Acote. He showed us some unique everyday chic, wearable bangs to pass along to our clients.


We are thrilled about Goldwell’s new red shades, from light copper to deep violet tones we can’t stop using these gorgeous colors. Goldwell released their new red collection “Elumenated Reds” for Fall 2016. If you are someone that likes to experiment with color you probably know being a red head can be a struggle. With a couple of washes, reds can lack shine and pigment. These new fall shades are available in Colorance (semi-demi permanent formula) and Topchic (permanent formula). They are known for their unique hyper pigmented formulation and long lasting shine.



One thing we have trouble with this time of year is our hair lacking shine. Hair appears dull for a variety of reasons such as the use of hard water, climate change, chemicals, and using hot tools to style hair. To avoid dullness in your hair our stylists recommend Rene Furterer’s Lumicia. The Lumicia set consists of the shine enhancing shampoo, illuminating shine conditioner, and the enhancing shine rinse spray. The Lumicia shampoo removes impurities, while the conditioner detangles and hydrates the hair. This neutralizes the effect of hard water, and smoothes the cuticle for optimal light reflection. For maximum shine use the enhancing shine rinse spray, and rinse quickly with cool water. This dynamic trio is rich in vitamin B5, and fioravanti extracts. This 3 step ritual will extend the longevity of your hair color and haircut this fall while adding extreme shine.

Master Palette by Mario



We are absolutely falling for the fall makeup trends using warm tones to create countless looks from simple everyday wear to evening full on glam looks. Our favorite palette this fall is the new Master Palette by Mario (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist). Everyone is talking about this collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills.  This palette contains 12 super pigmented shadows with mostly warm earth tones and a variety of easy to blend textures that create numerous marvelous looks that accentuate any eye color and work with different complexions.



An exciting part of fall is the celebration of Halloween. Come get ready with us to complete your costume. Make an appointment with your favorite hair, or make-up artist to create any look. Most importantly we want to remind all our clients to enter this year’s contest. The most creative look (hair and img_68151makeup included) will win a day of beauty at Salon Acote. Don’t forget to hashtag #salonacote or tag @salonacote on Instagram to enter the contest.



Good Luck and Happy Halloween!



Beauty Products and Styles That Ruled “Summer Sixteen”

When we think of summer we envision warm weather well spent with our friends and family by the beach. We like to think that summer is a time that we can relax, put our hair up and be lazy with our make up, however, in reality, it is not. We still feel the need to keep up with the latest beauty trends, but perhaps in a more natural way. To help you out with your summer look, we asked our stylist and makeup artist to share their expertise on effortless yet stylish summer looks.

Kendall Jenner Cannes 2016, @makeupbyariel 



Summer time is all about keeping it simple and fresh. Our favorite makeup look for “Summer Sixteen” is a more natural look that features clean, dewy, and hydrated skin. According to our makeup artists, sculpting, contouring and baking are not encouraging during the summer time because beside taking time and effort, these techniques look unnatural and are better suited for special events. We asked our makeup artist Olta Joxhe to share some tips and tricks on what products to use and how to create a daytime “no-makeup makeup” look.

Olta says, “My favorite summer look is to create a simple look with a dewy finish that you can wear everyday; whether you’re at the pool, beach or just hanging out. I love using multi-functional products. My favorite product at the moment is the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. This product is amazing as it makes skin look luminous without being oily. I like to mix 2 drops into my foundation and apply the mixture all over my face with a synthetic flat kabuki brush. After that, I use a Beauty Blender to blend; this gives me an airbrush effect. If you want a look that is more dewy, I recommend using a lightweight sheer foundation. For dimension, I apply a small amount of bronzer all over my face and a powder highlight above my cheek bones. I finish this look with a few coats of mascara and a hydrating lip balm and I’m ready to go in 5 minutes. What is great about this look is that you can easily add on some eyeshadow, eyeliner or even a bold lip to transition to a night time look. The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops also add a beautiful glow when mixed in with body lotion.”

We also recommend sticking with a natural, effortless look for the hair. We asked stylist Madavy Kae to share her tips and tricks for easy summer hairstyles.


Hair by Melissa Santoes

“Volume and texture remain in style – especially for the summer – as we have seen on countless magazines and on social media platforms,. The high temperatures and out-of-control humidity levels may make hair certain styles difficult to

Fishtail side-braid by Wissam Robehmed

achieve, but they actually make some styles easier to achieve. I advise a large portion of my clientele who have textured to curly hair to use a mousse or a light gel after washing their hair and braiding in, afterwards they can unbraid the hair and use a dry texturing spray to tousle it. This method is great if you are spending the day at the beach or pool or to keep your hair out of the way at night time. Another low-maintenance style that works with any hair type is a beautiful blossomed side-braid. To do this, I recommend using a light weight oil or moisturizing cream to help you create a side braid. Then, blossom it for a natural look, and take a small brush and gently brush the hair line.

These are some of our favorite tips and tricks for “Summer Sixteen”. We hope we have inspired you and that you will use some of our tips and tricks for your daily summer beauty routine! Tag us on our Instagram (@salonacote) with your recreations of these low maintenance summer looks and leave a comment under the post to share your thoughts or any of the tricks you use during the summertime!


Easy Maintenance for Blonde Hair at Home


13537622_10153685274765905_5283201755668579762_n                      IMG_0246

Our stylists agree that going blonde is the hottest trend for summer 2016. Whether striving for traditional highlights, double process blonde, or balayage, we know the struggle to maintain the right tone and shine in the hair without quickly becoming brassy or yellow.

IMG_9909  IMG_5570.jpgIMG_1985.jpg


When choosing a shampoo for blondes, be sure to purchase something gentle and sulfate-free to gently cleanse the hair without fading the color. We recommend Oribe’s Bright oribe_bright_blonde_for_beautiful_color_shampoo_900x900.pngBlonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color to maintain that icy — silver look at home or Okra Mild Silver Shampoo from Rene Furterer, a revitalizing shampoo for blondes that neutralizes brassy and yellow tones containing Vitamin B5.  Both shampoos have violet pigment to correct and prevent any unwanted brassy tones. okara_mild_silver_shampoo_800



Keeping your hair hydrated and healthy is our top priority. We are obsessed with the Olaplex #3 treatment. This treatment is used at home in between salon visits. Olaplex #3 is not a conditioning treatment; instead it fights breakage, repairs and strengthens damaged hair by linking bonds within your hair just by following a few easy steps.

olaplex-step-3– apply on damp hair

– let it sit on your hair for at least 20 minutes, (the longer the better)

– shampoo and condition after.


goldmBecoming a blonde (depending on your natural hair color and the condition of your hair) can damage and dry your hair. We recommend using a hydrating masque after the Olaplex #3. Our Summer favorite is the award winning Gold Lust Transformative Masque from Oribe. This masque is highly nourishing, rebuilds the fibers, improves elasticity and restores overworked hair while adding softness, shine and UV protection to your hair. This product is also free of parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride, which makes it safe for keratin treated hair and keeps the color longer.


To maintain the right tones and shine as well as keeping blonde hair healthy these products are a must. Ask one of our stylists which products will best fit your hair type.

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In this blog we are looking to inspire our clientele with what’s cool, trendy and in style for the season. We will review products and encourage our audience to try new beauty essentials for their hair and skin. We will also present and hopefully aspire you to try new trending and easy looks at home from hair to makeup with short tutorial videos.

Safar Coiffure started as one of the first beauty salons on Newbury Street in 1970’s. With over four decades of experience we take pride in ongoing leadership in the beauty industry. Today Salon Acote remains a European beauty salon continuing to offer high-end and luxurious services to our diverse, ever-growing clientele.

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Come in on a Friday morning to enjoy our exclusive cappuccino’s and pastries on our outdoor patio or joining us Saturday evenings for a glass of French wine and cheese we promise to create a comfortable and fun environment for our clients followed by top notch services.

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